bazaq was my collaboration with the great bass player Axel Haller in Berlin, Germany. Axel played bass and I played accordion. Actually, Axel used to bring the contents of his kitchen drawer and manipulate the bass with various cooking tools.

We recorded hours of material and put together this CD: raschung - nine improvised pieces recorded in 2000-2001 live in Berlin.

Axel now runs the excellent schraum label for improvised music in Berlin, and he still plays, of course.

raschung cover (drawing by Emma Buerklin)

1. eins (11:09)

2. zwei (03:02)

3. drei (11:55)

4. vier (04:58)

5. fuenf (07:42)

6. sechs (08:14)

7. sieben (07:40)

8. acht (06:47)

9. neun (06:03)

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