Brave Bear Enterprises

I am a producer, musician and media theorist.


My creations and collaborations.


Bernd Buerklin - My solo projects

Love Is The Cost - A remix for Los Angeles based band Divisible

L.ocke K.reuzt W.eber - A crossmix of two completely separate and different pieces of music

Trinhon Mother - Two pieces of sound mixed together make more than one.

Tactless Pagans - Woodstock, NY improvised music band with Will Olsen on drums and Bernd Buerklin on accordion & vocals

bazaq - Berlin/Germany based improvisation band with Axel Haller on bass and Bernd Buerklin on accordion.


Evangelical Damage - Tactless Pagans' “Evangelical Damage” music video. A treatment of religious fanaticism.

stress points (part two) - Based on slow/dynamite's piece “stress points (part two)” from the "52 pieces about nothing" series

kanaima - Based on slow/dynamite's piece “kanaima” from the "52 pieces about nothing" series

Fat Man Mäßig - A short video featuring Fat Man, the nuclear bomb dropped over Nagasaki. Music by Schoenberg.

Angelico - A very short video inspired by Federico Mompou's composition I Angelico


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